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NewsroomPakistan is an endeavor by seasoned print, photo and video journalists, digital media specialists, IT professionals and contributors to bring its readers the truth as it in fact is, without any “condiments” added.

NP believes in equality for all, irrespective of caste, creed, religion or individual orientation and strives in particular to bring to Pakistan the world and it’s expectations from Pakistan and Pakistanis; and vice versa, trying most times to lean towards the misunderstood, less heard and not-so-popular. It therefore welcomes and indeed invites contributors from across the globe who have what it takes to meet NP’s stringent policies and standards. Information here is presented as fairly and balanced as is humanly possible, with “AS MANY SIDES” as possible getting an opportunity to speak their mind while caring for sensitivity and sensibilities.

NP also tries to present its readers with a wider scope of activities that interest not only cricket enthusiasts but readers with a more motley or diverse palette.

The editor of NewsroomPakistan.com has vast experience in print and considerable experience in television English language journalism, starting from the very bottom of the ladder and reaching the pinnacle as editor of English language newspapers, being called to raise and run some.

NewsroomPakistan’s contributing reporters are seasoned and tactful, having proven their mettle in their spheres of expertise. The photo and video journalists have worked for English language newspapers and European and American news agencies, as well as having worked freelance on serious and delicate issues. The news website’s IT professionals too are in a class of their own, having done extensive global work.

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