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Let there be peace

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An open letter by Rabia Kramet Rizvi

Dear mankind,

I am a Muslim and the words of my Lord, who is not only my Lord but the Lord of Christians and Jews alike, call for tolerance and peace. Why do I say that? Because my Muslim scriptures say so in the Holy Quran.

You call Him Yahweh, others call Him God, we the Muslims call Him Allah – He is the One and Only Lord, the unseen, unheard and Our Lord, in all our scriptures commanding us to be tolerant!

If someone wrongs you do not retaliate, do not react, have patience and trust in thy Lord, surely He will make right your affairs at an appointed time. These are the teachings, not only by Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) but all the prophets who came before, prophets who I being a Muslim also have been informed of, believe in as my prophets and follow their teachings.

So tell me, did your Prophet, who I too believe in, not suffer injustice and hardships? Did your Prophet, who is also my Prophet not show tolerance and patience and put his trust in The Lord Almighty? Then why must ‘some’ of you as individuals NOT follow what was commanded?

The Quran tells us, the Lord is not unaware, He knows what we do not and we should not take His silence for granted for his wrath is severe! I’m pretty sure your scriptures are no different.

We as individuals have been commanded to put our trust in Him and be patient as He alone is the giver of life and He alone has the right to take it back!

Genocide is not permitted in any religion, having the blood of innocents on your hands is not what any religion preaches, no religion commands revenge on innocents, then Why O Why is there so much blood being shed?

Every religion tells us to be the bigger person, if someone wrongs you, step away and handle it in a humane way, mass murder is not the answer. You call it defence, I call it hideous EGO!!!

Oh you the oppressors, those – who so called caused mischief in your land, caused harm to yours, some of them may belong to a certain other land, but it doesn’t mean you have the right to make the whole nation collateral damage! Your religion condemns it, my religion condemns it, “I condemn it!”

Having said that, I as a Muslim don’t condemn the entire nation of the oppressor, as I as a Muslim realise and know there are many among them who are not in support and do NOT stand by this tyranny, I pray for them – I would never pray against them just because they are part of that nation. Why? For that is the commandment of The Lord and teaching of ALL the Prophets especially reinforced upon us the Muslims by Prophet Muhammad (PBUH).

Why can’t you do the same? What will you gain by this cruelty? In this evil world, those with power are the ones who are in constant threat…  if you think that by eradicating a nation, the so called ethnic cleansing, you become stronger, you forget this world Is temporary, and the innocents are considered martyrs and martyrs have the promise of The Lord, the promise of eternal bliss in the hereafter, then what do you think your Lord’s promise is to you? True victory is theirs, yours will be nothing but loss and remorse on the day of reckoning, seeking at such time remise, but it will be too late.

Oh mankind, I plead…. Please STOP – No Living being deserves such cruelty, no human deserves to live each day with the fear of being dead, this is not living, this is a daily death, I plead on behalf of the “Living Dead” 🙏

For the sake of Our Lord, for the sake of Allah, raise your voice, speak up, write, help. Our tongues, hands and feet will all testify for us on the day of judgement!


Let Palestine live #prayersforpalestin #prayersforhumanity

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