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Overstaying one’s welcome

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THE miserable failure by the government to secure any meaningful position in the Cantonment Board Elections the other day (the Pakistan Muslim League-Nawaz blowing the PTI out of the water) should be an eye opener for the “powers that be” (no, NOT the government) that their “chosen one” has overstayed his welcome!
Furthermore, even the Pakistani diaspora abroad and expats seem no longer to be so starry eyed about the bat-wielding gent they were so enamoured of, although that’s nothing to go by given the insulation of the Pakistanis living abroad, from the facts.
For those of them who persist in posturing for the PM, one would suggest they take a closer look at the puritanical pretender who panders to the pernicious pariahs called the Taliban! Though one can go on and on educating the expats with the facts, one small example of the natter on the PM’s naivete comes from a private Facebook post imploring him to deliver on his idealistic promises.
This was posted on Facebook by a Pakistani-born Australian:

“I am Angry, ashamed, and frustrated at the lack of action still by the powers that be. It’s way past time for real change????
An Appeal to the PM of Pakistan:

Dear Mr Imran Khan,
The people of Pakistan voted for you because you were different. They trusted you because you are honest God fearing educated and dedicated to your office. They elected you because they wanted a change in the affairs of the country and they had hope- Hope that you would bring about that change. They made sure to attend your jalsas, majority of which have had women participants. However today, your citizens don’t feel safe.
In a country where the Prime Minister was elected by the people because they wanted to see a positive change, women DON’T feel safe because a mother of two was raped on the motorway. The rapist. A couple of days prior a 7-year-old girl was raped while going to the shops to buy cookies. This country has become so shameless that no one is spared, neither a child nor an old woman, not even a corpse.
Today I don’t care how much you have or haven’t achieved. Today I don’t want to talk about broken roads, unemployment or anything else. Today I only want to talk about the safety of women in Pakistan. You have to protect women. You have to hang these culprits publicly and set an example for all these animals in human disguise so they NEVER dare to touch, harass or rape a woman. I can’t even imagine the trauma that woman is facing who was raped in front of her kids on the motorway? Do you understand the trauma of those kids and that woman? Do you understand the trauma we are all hit with currently? How many more victims do we need to take strict action against these culprits?
And no sir, we don’t need another policy. We don’t need another plan. Enough protests, FIRs, cases etc. This time we want you to take ACTION. Please stand by the women of your country and let them feel safe in their own country. Please for once return them the favour for being your biggest support during elections. Please for once bring a change and end this cruelty. Please for once let them be confident that they are safe when they step out of their houses. Please for once hang these culprits and let them know that this will not be tolerated anymore.
With all due respect sir, I repeat, set an example and give them the death penalty!”

But here’s a little reality check for SOME who left Pakistan for greener pastures and now can’t seem to see over the tall, scraggy ridges of deceit the Pakistani government of Imran Khan does not want you to see beyond. No matter, they’re not supposed to be able to do that because they felt disenfranchised when they lived here, that’s why they left in the first place. They are seen as the gullible and naïve wanting the best for their country of origin, not the astute with political Pakistani affiliation.
Those who voted for him must now eat humble pie! We who are in the business of monitoring and evaluating, deduced LONG ago that he and his consorts would not amount to much, from the word go. Also, it’s sad how people outside Pakistan seem to be divorced from the reality of what is now generally seen as the massive corruption (not necessarily monetary) and ineptitude of this nearly dictatorial regime.

To explain this would bring about retribution by “the source” that installed “these jokers” — as some apolitical Pakistanis call them — (well meaning, but jokers nonetheless) as the government. Journalists and journalists’ bodies are taking this government to task for its effort to muzzle the independent news media, whereas critics are “whisked away”, murdered, or intimidated. So now it’s dawned on all and sundry that this is the worst government this country has ever been afflicted with! Imran Khan’s government has undone almost all the progress Pakistan had made, meanwhile wanting his own way and behaving like a stubborn little boy stamping his feet in a candy shop!

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