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A nation of hypocrites?

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A nation of hypocrites?

Though we won’t go into detail about it in this piece, let it suffice to say that we’ve been a nation of liars and cheats from before our country was born, a fact supported by Mr. Jinnah’s and the British pre and post Partition speeches and conversational inuendos.

Parallel to this thought is the one that although this newspaper is generally a detractor of this government and most others as well (it is important for independent news vehicles to be the voice of the weak – such as the opposition), however to give the devil his due this government too has some ministers who call a spade a spade and are censured for it!

A case in point is one of the few sane voices in PTI, Dr. Yasmeen Rashid, when all she did was admit that the majority of less fortunate Pakistanis are also ignorant and that same cadre was in denial of the COVID-19 affliction.

Whereas other politicians and people on Tv have said the same thing, nobody made a big hoo ha about that and let it slide.

Here comes another trait of ours; we’re vultures, circling around seeking out the vulnerable and weak. Yes weak, like Dr. Yasmeen. Why weak, one might ask? Well the honest are uncomfortable in politics and leave the mudslinging to “the others”! They’re frankly just not astute enough to deal with

It was appalling to watch seasoned journos on Tv making out virtual report cards on “what a BAD thing the good doctor had done by calling the people in question what they were, having just days ago regaled indirectly the same people for the same “trait”!

But three cheers Dr. Yasmeen, this bunch of ignoramuses just will not learn and though others in your government mightn’t have the gumption to come out with this openly – it’s called leadership – they like all better-educated PTI and other party members (we don’t mean book learning) admit this privately.

But since we’re vultures too and have found her to be a dignified lady (spelt WEAK in common Pakistani parlance) so far, she’ll probably capitulate and say she didn’t mean it “THAT WAY” just to settle ruffled feathers and assuage hurt misplaced and inflated egos!

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