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Banning guns? Then ban cars!

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THE New York Times ran an editorial yesterday that seemed to suggest that the United States Congress couldn’t be bothered with gun legislation that it “thought” would lead to a gun-free society, in the aftermath of the latest gun violence in Las Vegas in the state of Nevada.

Point all you want but as they say in the US,……”Aint happenin'”!

That’s because of the US Constitution’s guarantee to its citizens that they will bear arms if they so choose. The US abounds with gun control laws but somewhat like in Pakistan (God help us) there seems to be little enforcement and control to the degree that citizens hoping to own a gun are adequately screened.

Against this backdrop, no matter how much we deride Pakistan for all its flaws, one thing is for sure and that’s that gun control is stringent in settled areas, excluding of course the relatively untamed areas once the hotbed of terrorism now being reigned in by the Pakistan Army.

And yes great New York Times, your Congress is right in that knee-jerk reactions serve no constructive purpose except make the anti-gun lobby wring its hands in glee. As far as the thought of banning guns goes because “they are dangerous,” it’s as valid an argument as is carelessly curved cars careening down slopes kill people, as do planes and trains. Ban them all? NO! A stark raving lunatic must not be able to own a gun and a restricted number of people should be licensed to own automatic firearms!

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